Halo the Master Chief Collection's life span?

Battlefield 4 is at a population of about 14k and at peak times, 25k. BF4 holds spot number 9 for most popular on Xbox Live. MCC isn’t in the top 10 (when it should) so the MCC’s population is at about a scary 10k and at peak times, 20k. If MCC is doing this bad right now, how is it going to survive when other shooters come out? I got 2 ideas: Port ODST firefight and switch out team ball and put in Infection for H2, H3(including game type called “Speed Demons” on Sandtrap <3), H2A, and maybe H4. I think this would spike MCC’s population because both of those are addictive playlists.

If 343 actually fixed the MCC, I think it could always be a go-to Xbox One game. It’s too buggy for many MCC owners to actually play.

I played Reach yesterday, and there were around 25k players online. Kinda sad that a Halo game that was released in 2010 on a last-gen console is still more popular than the MCC.

It’s honestly just a hold off until Halo 5, at least for me anyways. So, six more months.