Halo the Master Chief Collection Nameplates Glitch

So as we all know that in the Master Chief Collection you can have a nameplate that’s a picture of an energy sword a banshee etc…Usually you have to do something specific to unlock them such as kill a scoped enemy, beat all campaigns, but it seems that mine aren’t unlocking properly. The Halo 3 ODST (Which is a DLC to the MCC) nameplates aren’t unlocking for me, even though I did them correctly. When I beat all the missions on Legendary the specific nameplate didn’t unlock itself, and neither are a few that I’ve completed. The Achievements aren’t unlocking either, it says “87% complete” when I open the achievement, but I’ve already completed it you see. Do I have to go through it all over again just to fix this or is this just a temporary glitch that’ll fix itself eventually? I did lose Xbox Live connection somewhere at some point, but that shouldn’t effect it right?

You appear to have fixed your issue. I recommend if you have any other issues with par score, speed running, or other related issues to check your service record here on waypoint. It’s very useful because it gives a you a very detailed report of your campaign progress.