Halo: The Master Chief Collection Music Video

I have always found that Halo stands out from the rest of the games that are out there today. Halo with out a doubt is unique i may be preaching the the quire, but i feel i must express my full appreciation of The “mona lisa” of video games. Halo as we all know, is amazing Great Story , bad*** characters or the ever expanding in depth universe, Halo is Beautiful. The reason i say Beautiful is because in other games such as (Forgive Me For Saying The “C” Word),Call of duty and many others like Battlefield or GTA focus on being realistic and being better then the competition in the same category. along with a hand full of other games,but Halo nails the originality & environment aspects in a way other games simply can not. the environment in halo combines with the beautiful graphics is just plain artistic perfection at its precipice. I feel we should all take a moment and think about how awesome halo truly is. Oh yeah almost forgot, i will be attaching a link to a epic music video for those that want to get all pumped up for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Music Video

Why is most of it Halo wars footage?

“Why is most of it Halo wars footage?”

  1. The song was longer than the clips, I needed Filler
  2. Both game’s cinimatics at made by blure, they match