Halo: The Master Chief Collection "Compensation"


I was one of the people that played Halo: The Master Chief Collection between November 11th and December 19th (I got it on opening day, actually). I was informed that I would receive a free month of xbox live gold as well as various in game content. I did not receive any of this content yet as of March 17th. Can somebody please help me? I have achievements on my gamer profile that verify I had and played the game during those dates. Thank you so much for your help!


Hi Josh, if you haven’t recieved the in-game nameplates or avatars (you can’t miss these, quick search for the forums will show what ones you should see), then I would send a message over to B is for Bravo and he can get the team to check this out for you. If you have twitter, you can also send him a tweet. If you have the namplates and avatars, then you may already have the free month of gold but just not recieved the message yet. I posted some instructions here on how you can check that. Any other questions can hopefully be answered by the FAQ I had stickied in the main MCC forums :slight_smile:

I messaged him but I did not see anything on that link that you sent me for subscriptions. Hopefully I hear back from him soon I guess. I noticed some new avatar items? But I’m not sure if those are the correct ones. Thanks for your help though

I found a video that gives an overview of the new items, you should be able to check these against your list :slight_smile:

It’s been 4 days and I haven’t heard back from him. I messaged him on facebook, messaged him here and tweeted him. Is there any number I can call to talk to a human being? Please let me know.