Halo: The Endless - Campaign expansion or new game?

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Last December, Microsoft trademarked a name Halo: The Endless. It’s currently unknown what this could be. What’d you suspect it’ll end up being?

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Given how i344 handles plots and stories in response to reception of them, Halo: The Endless could very well be a book or comic series which resolve this story line, for them to make up a completely new one for their next game.

Now, given how Infinite was supposed to last 10 years, it should be a campaign DLC.
On the other hand, Infinite didn’t really go as planned on multiple levels, and current support staff the game seems to have, I feel like The Endless could be a “new” game which is in production, but it’ll be marketed as a massive Infinite upgrade.
Essentially what the “update” would do is uninstall Infinite, install The Endless and use the same multiplayer data for your multiplayer avatar. Far fetched outlandish conspiracy? Maybe, but I do think it’s something they could do in an attempt to save face.
They’d get a much needed engine overhaul, it’d be an opportunity to drop Xbox One support, and save face not admitting Infinite was a train wreck.

So, Book/comic, Podcast, DLC, New game? No idea because it could be anything at this point with how i343 acts.
Undecided it is for me.

Where does the 'uninstall/new engine theory com from?

I saw some leaker twitter account talking about it but it seems ridiculous and implausible. It’s like any of the ‘so-and-so was replaced by a body double/clone’ conspiracies.

If anything, it’s the name of campaign DLC or some sort of PvE mode.


as far as I remember, only game to really do this was Overwatch, and let me just say that didn’t exactly go down well with the fanbase. Then again, if there’s something the game industry doesn’t do, it’s learn from other’s mistakes. As said by Yahtzee Croshaw: “Let’s all laugh at an industry that never learns anything tee hee hee”

343i should take the CP2077 route, use the expansion as an excuse to kill off last-gen support for good (at least for campaign content, MP and bug fixes should still exist)

I’m hoping for a new campaign which at least retcon infinites bit ideally 5s as well, BC I think story wise these are the worst halos yet. Halo 5 at least tried something new, bit infinite is just a slightly altered first third of halo ce, but done way worse

I know there are those who like to blame the Xbox One support for many of the problems Infinite has experienced, but can you imagine, just for a moment, if they had dropped Xbox One support from the beginning, there would be only a handful of people playing this game.

Have people forgotten, for at least a year, there were no new Xbox consoles to be had, and if you could get one, you were expected to pay a small fortune. Even now, many people are priced out of the new consoles. The problems with this game have nothing to do with the Xbox One support.

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Rumours made the rounds of changing the engine to UE5.
UE4 was supposedly used to test concepts out.

Infinite doesn’t seem to enjoy a big workforce to hammer out its issues and undelivered promises.
Alternatively the Engine is so messed up, not even a big crew can fix things over the long time it’s been.
How messed up? Initially they had issues implementing new Playlists due to the UI and Challenge system. Consider how little thought went into that design decision, new playlist were going to be implemented, and then remember that’s one aspect of the game, and that the game has many more functions, and how badly made those potentially are.

Infinite being dropped… Is a possibility, the engine getting a massive overhaul in the background by a larger team is another.

Why? Programs can, and are, updated.
If the Slipspace engine is in such a bad state that it’s basically unreasonable to attempt to update it to a functioning state, then a proper overhaul and rework is needed to get it into a far better shape. Redesign it where it’s needed. Assets and so forth exist already so they don’t need to be remade.

Uhm, replacing code is an entirely different matter to replacing a person. That’s an extreme stretch.

Considering that they have shown no signs at changing their course and that Halo Infinite is going to be the only Halo game for the next decade, and the fact the story is barely anything right now, it is only safe to assume that Halo: The Endless is to be the second part of the game’s storyline.

A DLC at best.

Or a tie-in novel or comic book or animation at least.

Sad thing is that they’ve said that with the release of the winter update that all work has shifted to multiplayer to reach seasonality. Meaning if they do plan to do campaign dlc it’s probably gonna be at least another year before we get any. And that’s just sad because that campaign was not worth $60 and any dlc will likely cost more money.

My guess is that 343 will contract out the usual suspects to help them out with development staffing issues.
Certain Affinity may receive another 18 month contract to help hammer out programming issues with the game and multiplayer map development.
Liquid Development may have their contract reinstated to help out by mass-producing multiplayer cosmetics.

It’s ridiculous because it is a massive amount of work to replace the underlying structure of a game or any software. It takes away resources from everywhere else and would take a good portion of a year to plan never mind execute. It’s not a decision that would be taken lightly.

It don’t think my example is an extreme stretch - I just think both scenarios are as likely at this point.

Just like making a new game to replace an old one.
i343 is not in a good position regardless of their decisions because reality is that the engine is far from being in a good condition.

Replacing / remaking the game to make it easier for the remainder of the game’s lifespan ( potentially even prolonging it ) to make changes and additions is in the interest of everyone, especially the programmers.

And the resources are currently spent where? And for what?
With what result? A year in after release, which was after a one year delay, and we just got Co-op with no split screen ( official splitscreen ), something which was promised a long time ago to be included at release. Then we have forge in a Beta mode. The new challenge system took ages to implement and it’s only in trial mode. Don’t even know if theatre has gotten anything major done to it, and is Customs fixed yet? No Customs browser and it took about a year to get some sort of Server Filtering in.

Either i343 is struggling hard to implement and fix things, or this version of Infinite is already on the backburner with an overhaul being worked on, with Halo: The Endless being tacked on for the original Campaign.
The GDD is already made for Infinite with mechanics and assets, the latter which already exist and can be used. Functioning mechanics and features are already in Infinite to showcase how they function. A lot of work has already been done that they can look at, or straight up copy.
The overhaul / remake would be to make sure they don’t have massive issues making updates or additions.
Case in point, Playlists.

Replacing a person with a lookalike conspiracy isn’t at all too dissimilar to overhauling a game engine to be functionally easier and better for maintenance and additions.

Obviously, it will be a game. My friend thinks it may be similar to the Spartan Ops.

Real answer is we don’t know. Everything else is just hopes and dreams at this point.

Both of these can be true. The xbox one could be holding this game back technically but also keeping the online alive through increased player count. Most technical complaints i see come from One players. Although to be fair, like you said, this could be due to many one them not having a series X. Although the Sereis S has been selling like a mother we do not know the console to console ratios here to say.

You are taking this example way too literallly.

I didn’t say the game doesn’t need work or that resources are being spent in a visible way.

I still don’t think The Endless is a new game or a reworked engine that is going come out any time soon.

I really don’t see the similarity.

No, you didn’t know where it comes from and there are some explanations which would motivate i343 to make the decision to rework the engine.

The only “date” I’ve seen which has been around for a campaign DLC is 2025 the earliest, and this was last year around late november/early december if I recall correctly.
If not even with the news of this Halo: The Endless name thing.
There’s no mention of a date in this thread either. Only one mentioning time has been you.

I’m not sure why you’re so into this arguement, or why my initial comment set this off, but you win.

Would be a new campaign, now Jo Staton at the helm for sure we gonna actually get biomes this time

You: “I have no idea where this comes from.”

Gets it explained

You: “Oh yeah? Listen here etc”

So I was wrong to engage where you stated lack of knowledge?