halo the 3 op gun game

The -Yoinking!- dmr -Yoinking!- op and -Yoinking!- grendes are so god gam gay and -Yoinking!- lag is so god dam stuped just nerf the -Yoinking!- gerndes and the -Yoinking!- dmr there stupedly op and constently being the alfe zombie every god dam round is stuped and people run there shot gun roundes is -Yoinking!- retarted and armer most of all that is -Yoinking!- stuped is when you leave to much u get band in some -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- -Yoinking!- gay -Yoink- way. THATS WHAT I THINK OF YOUR -Yoinking!- GAME!


For yonik is funlc and sti_iped is happy

What a shame we’re not allowed to mention peoples’ records, right?

I’m confused. You hate the game, even though you’ve clearly put tons of hours into it? Perhaps you should take some time off Halo and learn to spell. That would be a good distraction, I think.

oh, he can say “Yoink”. That’s nice. I like that word. Is it a legit word? :stuck_out_tongue:

> oh, he can say “Yoink”. That’s nice. I like that word. Is it a legit word? :stuck_out_tongue:

I use it all the time, but not in that context. I think of it more as an action sound.

A more powerful weapon doesn’t imply that it’s overpowered. Weapons in Halo are balanced in terms of skill-to-use and effectiveness.

Weapons that are hard to use should be powerful. Weapons that are easy to use should be weak.

Clear example: The BR is generally a strong utility weapon. It’s a precision weapon which is one of the harder guns to use.

The AR is really easy to use. It’s a weaker weapon that’s only useful in a small range.

The pistol is a difficult weapon to use. However, it’s not very strong. This weapon is way underpowered.

The pistol on ZB is just as difficult to use. However, now it is as powerful as it deserves to be and is balanced correctly.

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