Halo Television Series Story Idea

So, when I heard about this I wondered, what could the show be about? So, I got to thinking, and I wondered, what story could they tell that Halo fans wouldn’t exactly know or played and could introduce people to the franchise, I came up with one conclusion. It would have to be before the events of halo, but you can’t leave out the main character, so why couldn’t it be about the true origin of the Master Chief, or at least how he became Master Chief. honestly, why not. All we know is that his name was John and he was abducted at the age of six, That would be a amazing story to tell considering how little we know about John’s humanity and the direction the future games are taking with the whole machine to man story 343 is taking.

But, what do you think the story should be about, give me your honest opinion please.

I think that there are 3 viable options:

  • John’s origin (as you said), pre-war to human-covenant war.
  • Spin off entirely
  • Focus on Master Chief during ‘current’ times - current point in the game.

I hope that they start with the first. Follow the story of the Fall of Reach, hopefully expanding on other characters and factions (such as in game of thrones or LOTR) showing crossovers which flow naturally. Show the life of a spartan, a marine, an ODST, the tough decision of HIGHcom, show us elite/covy ‘culture’, insurrectionists.

This story is a sure start, the plot is thick and popular. Following, what I’m sure it would be, a success, 343 and Mr. Spielberg could enter the era of 343’s universe.