Halo tech Support needed

So first, this is the second time this has happened. When I join match making. I can not see the other players gamer tags. They are all red helmets. This in turn does not allow me to use my requisitions.

I am also now banned from playing arena match making because I was unable to leave the match making lobby and kept putting him matches after I need to stop playing.

I can only play warzone but again the game can not find my requisition info so I am stuck playing with a pistol and machine gun all game long. HELP!!!

Restart your xbox by using the restart option. Alternatively, you can use the hard reset option by unplugging the power for a minute

Had the same issue. Restarts seemed to work. But really?!?!, I should have to restart my new XBox One every time I want to play? What is the problem? Security? Hackers? The system, the games, the access, none of it is cheap. It should really work properly. I just want to play the damn game. It’s a great game but these issues I keep running into are ruining it for me. Where can I get so help?

Oh and by the way my new interference is the message that “no server can be found that is compatible for members of your fireteam”. Its just me and I can’t play any Arena or Warzone games. Xbox $400, Halo 5 $60, Gold Live $60, internet connection $40/mo. Playing your game at your leisure…priceless!