Halo, Talent, and Challenges

While I’m not one to go for challenges or cR in general (as shown by my 0 firefight games and one campaign run-through), I find the challenges in general to be extremely easy. For example, this past week’s weekly challenge was to win 50 games in multiplayer matchmaking. I didn’t play a large amount this week and I won 80 games. However, this specifically isn’t my issue with the so-called “challenge”.

My issue is that anyone who invests enough time into the game can achieve the challenge. Even if you went AFK, after enough games you would have 50 wins. This seems to be a common theme with the challenges and the game in general. This concept that “if you work hard enough (play enough), you can be a winner too!” is simply a joke. There’s this thing called talent, and in this game you’re not rewarded for it.

Of those 80 matchmaking games, I won all 80 of them. I played an assortment of playlists: MLG, Squad Slayer, BTB, Rumble Pit, etc., and I did not lose. Did I earn anything different from the guy who AFK’d and went 50-500? No.

I recommend that the challenges, and everything else in this game reward talent. In Halo 2 and 3 if you played alot and didn’t have talent, you earned a gold bar rank (force colonel, staff captain, brigadier general, etc.). In this game if you play a significant amount and don’t have talent you can Reach inheritor just as easily as the best players. As the drop off in population from previous games indicates, players want to be rewarded for being better than others. It keeps the hardcore, and ultimately loyal and dedicated Halo fans coming back for more.

Here’s a quick example: Add an achievement into Halo 4 for getting the equivalent of a 50 (or 1% Onyx) for simply 1 achievement point. That way in order to “complete” the game, the players must prove themselves as an adequate multiplayer combatant.

I hope that 343 learns from Bungie’s mistakes and rewards the talented players in every aspect of the game, instead of continuing the “everyone wins” mentality.

Thank you so much for your time.