Halo Support Site Announcement

You probably know that 343’s Halo Support site has been up and running since late last year, helping to bring player reported issues – for retail Halo titles and Halo Insider flights – directly to our game development teams.

Halo Support also offers a searchable article library to help improve your game experience including patch notes, known issues, and Halo Insider flighting information to provide insights into current known issues and ongoing development priorities. You can also follow @HaloSupport on Twitter to stay current with important Halo support-related news and announcements.

To learn more about the Halo Support site, including how and when to file a ticket, please read these two articles

  • How to use the Halo Support Site - How to Submit a Halo Support TicketThe Halo Support team is standing by to assist with the following:

  • Game crashes - Game related error codes - In-game bugs/glitches - Achievements not unlocking - Challenge related issues - Report a Player (excessive griefers, inappropriate chat, cheating, overall Code of Conduct violations) - Issues with code redemptions on halowaypoint.com/redeemHalo Support is not able to provide help with Xbox Live or Steam accounts, Game Pass, Microsoft or Steam store purchases, or Xbox console issues. For questions and problems in these areas, please go to Xbox Support or Steam Support.


We encourage and welcome feedback and suggestions from our community around new features, ideas, changes, and other ways we can help ensure Halo games offer the beset experiences possible. Our community team gathers player feedback to pass long to our development teams look to help inform planning, feature prioritization, and future work items.

To share non-bug/issue related feedback, please visit the specific game forum here on Halo Waypoint:

If you want to talk with other players about issues, workarounds, etc. after filing a Halo Support ticket, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Do not post any personal information (name, email, phone number, etc.) or codes here on the forums - 343 will never ask for your password or credentials and we won’t direct message you about support - While these forums exist as a way for our players to help each other, for official support from 343, you will need to submit a ticket - If you need help, please file a ticket with Halo SupportAdditional Support Resources

  • Xbox Live Status page - Xbox Support - Steam Support