Halo storyline idea

Do you think Master Chief should have to kill Cortana due to becoming rampant? Not in Halo 4 but maybe 5 or 6. Maybe have her progressively get worse and be able to notice her personality change until she ultimately becomes a danger to John, then in a “very sad” cut scene he kills her. Thoughts?

Wow…Never would have thought of that

Would be too much like what happened to Guilty Spark. Instead, I sense redemption: John is faced with an impossible challenge: restore Cortana with the AI throwing everything at him (i.e. her love, her hate, Forerunner constructs like Sentinels if they exist on the planet, etc.). Basically, what amounts to psychological combat scenario. Chief manages it and we get a touching scene like the You Found Me scene.

Or perhaps illusions. John fails and he’s haunted by illusions of her (like Cortana moments, but less annoying).

Too cliche.

> Too cliche.

Good point.

I couldn’t see it happening as it would piss off alot of die hard fans of her.

Yeah, that would piss off alot of fans, plus if I remember right, she’s not you’re normal AI, she was build to be a proto type AI that was meant to not go crazy after 7 years.

I thought maybe she will start dying, and then MC will upload her into a vacant monitor, and then cortana will be ok and will fly by you all the time! That would be sweet.