Halo SR152 WatchDog Camo Different From Advertised

Has anyone noticed that the SR 152 reward camo is a different colour from what was shown on the pictures, it’s now a dirty grey instead of pure white which looked a lot better.

It’s still an awesome looking camo don’t get me wrong (the weapon skins are sick too!) but sometimes it’s hard to tell it apart from a guy with regular grey armour on.

Just a bit disappointed after spending ages grinding to get it.

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I saw some discussions about this on Twitter, sorry you went through that. The armorcore definitely does not look anything like it should, but I also think it was advertised as under valued, Unyshek constantly tweeted how it is not going to be “anything crazy” and well, the pictures that circulate of the armor core are from a graphic artist @VincentGat from which my understanding has not worked for 343.

No it’s not still an awesome camo, it looks like common everyday trash compared to what they showed it would be. While others are rocking way better skins for 20 dollars and one set for free, we played thousands of matches for months to get this.

The weapon skins are legitimately awesome though but the armor doesn’t look anything like it. They gotta fix the armor. Make it look like they showed. Make it look as clean and sleek as the weapons

Yeah you’re not wrong, in the right lighting it looks white and looks decent but 9/10 times you’re not and it just looks like a dull gray.

Needs a fix