Halo spinoff speculation

Here’s how i speculate my veraion of the spin off (if there is even one in the making) feel free to add your own this this post

It could start off on earth right after cortana emped earth, we could possibly be a odst (or others) again maybe in training and we are tasked with dealing with invading forerunners while trying(in a open world type thing h3odststyle) to rig up something to communicate with the Infinity and the essential non emped parts are guarded with forerunner guard (maybe a new form) , and the whole time your looking for the parts you find a radio that seems to be in working condition but the location you are at has reinforcements coming so you grab the radio and take it back to where you and your other friends planned to meet up and try to see if anyone knows whats going on (you can change it up)
This could be fun by trying to introduce a new forerunner form maybe even better then the ones we’ve seen and it’ll give an insight to what happening outside the main story line like h3:odst but during halo 5 events and this could lead up to halo 6
(I hope I explained what im trying to get across)