Halo spin off games timeline

If the Halo spin off games gonna happened, which timeline should they be set? Between after Halo 5 and before Halo Infinite? Or during Halo Infinite? Would like to hear your thoughts.

As long as it is based on Spartan-IIIs, rather that be S-III Headhunters (not S-IVs) or Mjolnir-clad Spartan-IIIs. I’d be STRONGLY accepting of that game, and would probably buy two Series X Xboxs for it (not literally of course but you get my point).

If I had to give a preferred timeline, it’d actually be one you haven’t listed, but maybe between the post-Human-Covenant war, and before Halo 5, as 343 will have a lot of creative freedom to develop these characters without having to worry about conflicting lore (as much). If I could write the story for it, I would manage to have non-conflicting lore, so if it comes to happen, hopefully 343 can too. We don’t need any further lore implications as the canon is patchy is some areas yet. (Also if you couldn’t tell I’m a very big fan of the lore as a whole, but my favourite is the Spartan-III lore).

I’d rather have it set in the 2530’s or 40’s personally. There’s so much that happens during those years that can be explored in games. I’d personally like an ODST or SIII game set in those times. But for the Spartan-IIIs, I’d like SPI and not MJOLNIR, make it a bit more grounded so to speak.