Halo specific gametypes FOR all

Is it possible through a sheer # of customization options that 343 could make all Halo gameplay styles from the Halo CE to the infamous Halo Reach? In order to do this we need unnecessary in depth control of our Spartans. There have been MANY gametype through out the history of Halo & they vary by so much as melee, the # of rounds in guns & the vehicles themselves too. Even armor abilities & equipments could be used simultaneously. Now if they would specialize in making a gametype for each crew of people’s likes as say was done in Reach…answer to everything right?

The specific part is the little details. I want to be able to adjust not just how many bullets i have at the beginning, but how many i can shoot before reloading & how much ammo i can carry. Of course there is infinite ammo, but this is for earlier games like say Halo CE w/ lots of shotgun or pistol rounds. Even dual wielding small weapons should make a return w/ customizing options as to if they can be or not. Weapons themselves could also be changed around from melee style to the amount of damage they do individually. Vehicles as said before should have the same option.

When it comes to armor abilities some say no in ranked slayer then some people think they should. Well this solves the problem by creating a ranked playlist based on preference. It may be as bland as the gametype’s name being H3 Team Slayer or Reach Team Slayer sadly. Also I’m not calling for every gametype that can be made, but at least the one’s that have been made. A drop down section that is Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST for those who like to throw grenades in the wrong direction lol & finally Reach. Beyond that all the gametypes under that section should be made according to past Halo installments involving what I’ve discussed being Spartan stats consisting of health, melee, & shields. After that all gun attributes, vehicle attributes, & finally armor abilities & equipments.

I think this is possible, but of course as lazy as we are we will want 343 to do all the slide bar changes on the customizing lol. This wont be in Halo 4 of course because im pretty sure they would hold this off till the end, but just like in Reach i have seen that updates are possible, but if they gave us the options like they applied w/ Reach’s bloom on all weapons or no cross hair at all. Either way this would be a exactly what was allowed of the console users w/ Halo 3 when the pc users were given this option before everyone, but not at the magnitude that im talking about of course.

I want to hear from trolls to everyone that still has their souls do you think this is idiotic or just adding on more icing to the cake how more customizing has allowed this franchise to keep getting better.