Halo: Spartan series, game release

Does anyone think that Halo Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike should release as a hard copy? If they do should they release it as a triple pack of sorts when the next Spartan series game releases?

Eh… hardcopy seems unnecessary imo.

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> Eh… hardcopy seems unnecessary imo.

Agreed. I’m fine with Digital. Steam has shown that it truly is the Future

Considering most tablets and phones cannot read discs (Spartan Strike’s main platforms) it would be difficult to make a disc copy.

Seems kind of pointless. If they did, it should only cost £20 at most.

I honestly dont think there would been enough people interested, to release the games in a physical form.

343 would loose money… seeing as the game is primarily a mobile game, a hard copy is pointless… Phones and tablets do not have disc drives. I also bet the game will be Free on xbox one b4 the year ends.

I just like hard copies, XD