Halo Spartan Ops not registering any progress when you beat levels?

I’ve bring myself to try to get the achievement that requieres you to complete Spartan Ops on legendary, and also alone. I dropped my attempts for a few months, and when I came back today, I did one mission, the Didact’s Gift or something like that, and when I finished, I noticed how they didn’t give the achievement for beating the episode, and when I checked back, the little box that tells you in which difficulty have you beat the level was blank, telling me that I haven’t completed the level at all. Is this just a bug? I did the same mission twice but I never got anything.

The in-game menu to tell you have completed a chapter & episode has been bugged for a couple of seasons, hence why the in-game menu marks it as “incomplete” whenever you finish a chapter & episode.

You can still unlock those Spartan Ops achievements, but you have to manually keep track of what chapters & episodes you’ve completed.

Can confirm it does work. I finished Legendary Solo this weekend and all the achievements popped. It just doesn’t show in-game.

Can also confirm that the achievements still unlock after attempting this while this bug was present. I manually kept track of where I was at using the notes app on my phone.