Halo Spartan Assault (Xbox One) Bug

Hey, i just got all gold stars on single player for Spartan Assault yet i didnt unlock the “117” achievement. If i go into achievements and look at the tracker it says 100% but it just wont unlock anyone know how to fix this?

This is an issue with the Xbox One system, where an achievement can reach 100%, yet not unlock. Here’s a thread with a similar issue.

The achievement is supposed to unlock silently in a day or so. That had been the case until recently. Now I’m seeing reports of this going on for several days. My guess is that MS tried to fix the issue and somehow made it worse.

Here’s what I suggested in that thread. I’m doubtful it would help, but doesn’t hurt to try.

> It sounds like you are experiencing the first issue on this page. Usually the achievement unlocks silently in a day or so. I’ve never heard a way to force it to unlock though. Here are some things I would try in your shoes.
> 1. A hard restart.
> 2. Select that achievement in the App, then select Snap and Play. Perhaps running them side by side will wake something up.
> 3. A factory reset.
> 4. Contacting Xbox Support by tweeting @XboxSupport.
> Since the Achievement App is already saying 100%, the problem is outside of SA, as I understand it. I’ve heard of this happening with various games and various achievements. Good luck.

It also occurs to me that uninstalling and reinstalling might work. After getting all other achievements, you could also try deleting your save from local and cloud. Unfortunately, I’m doubtful that another achievement signal from the game would have an effect since the problem lies outside the game.

Hello vi Ninja Kid x.

I would suggest following the information suggested by MathGuy42. If you’re still having issues, I would suggest contacting Xbox Support:

[/li]- Xbox Support on Twitter

I apologize that we cannot help you further. I am locking this thread, as we cannot solve it for you.