Halo Spartan Assault Surface 2 Errors

Halo: Spartan assault has launch issues on Surface 2!!!

When you load it up, the halo banner appears then the screen goes blue and you can hear the music.
You then need to press the windows key to go back to the start menu and swipe in to resume the app.
It then runs fines from there on in.
Every time you reboot the device this happens
Installed on brand new Surface 2.
Other people have reported this same issue.
Can you fix it?

Hey Elan, have you downloaded anything else that may have installed incorrectly? And have you already tried reinstalling on your surface?

No everything else runs fine. I installed it after doing a full system restore.
Still has the same issue.
Other people with surface 2 have the same issue

Yes tried reinstalling and also reinstalling it first before anything else on a fresh system restore