Halo Spartan Assault glitched achievments

Hello, i am currently having an issue and would like to know if there is a way to resolve the issue. I am a halo achievment hunter and am getting down to the last achievments to 100% all games across all devices and I can’t get these glitched achievments to work . They are a for effort, extra credit, silver tip and nowhere to hide. They are glitched on my windows 10 version and I have all the achievments for the 360 and one version. Some help would greatly be appreciated I have been a halo fan since they came out and it would really suck if I can’t 100% them because a bug in the game. Thanks again.

Hi, Regarding Extra Credit, another user just informed me that you can change the date on your PC to get a weekly challenge and it will unlock upon completing that weekly challenge.

I managed to get Nowhere to Hide after completing it on my Xbox One and Xbox 360, so you may just have to keep trying. Same thing with the three achievements related to Operation F, once you play through the operation on PC you should get them. Your Waypoint service record will tell you which missions you haven’t done on PC.

I feel where you’re coming from, the whole cross-plat progress tracking makes achievement hunting frustrating.

It worked thanks man really appreciate it

Awesome, glad I could help!