Halo spartan assault achievement issue

Hey there, I am having trouble getting the last achievement for halo spartan assault for getting all of the mission specific challenges (achievement: EXTRA CREDIT)I have every challenge for each mission done but still says 89/90. I have checked so many times that I give up. I have tried re-doing some of them to see if that worked but no luck. If anyone knows how to help me please reply. I am a very successful achievement hunter and would like to get this game 100% complete thanks guys! :smiley:

Based on your Service Record, it appears you are playing on both Xbox One and 360. Please confirm.

Please check your counters for Assault Ops in Mission A-1. What do you see for Warm Up that Pitching Arm and Sidearm Slaughter? There is a bug where one or both of these ops can become “over-completed” (like 100/3) and this in turn messes up the overall counter.

There is a large thread about the Counter Glitch. The first post outlines a workaround for Xbox One. Unfortunately, the only workaround we’ve found for 360 is to replay every Assault Op offline. I also summarize known information in this post.

If you are experiencing this issue, please post in that thread. We need to keep 343i aware that there are still achievement issues with Spartan Assault.

Please use this thread to report new cases of this issue.