Halo Slang

So I was thinking,have you ever done such a special move in a halo game that there is just no way to describe it without giving it a name? This is what I would refer to as halo slang, assigning names for specific in game moments. One popular would be the: Noob Combo - Plasma Pistol and Carbine/BR. Overcharge plasma shot and quick headshot to take out a brute.

Today I created a slang word for a specific action in Halo:Reach called Unicorning. This is where you overcharge a plasma pistol and shoot an elite with a needler rifle in the head, thus turning it into a unicorn.

Another example might be Execution, where you kill an enemy who has just exited armor lock with a sword.

If you can understand what I mean by Halo slang, then feel free to submit your own terms here.

" Yoink! "

V- The act of stealing an assassination kill.
N- A substitute for any curse word you can imagine.