Halo Skillfull Moments Top 5

Hey Everyone,

VzS Are going to start doing Top 5 Videos on halo moments on our youtube channel. www.youtube,com/vzsclan.

If anybody has any good kills, sniper shots, killing sprees, killionaires… WHATEVER. Record the gameplay using the built in xbox recoder, so that we can get it off your upload studio, and email “vzshaloclan@gmail.com” with your gamertag. If we feature your video in the top 5 we will happily mention your youtube, twitter etc. If you want to get some free advertisement or you can do it just for the chance to have a spot on a top 5 list.

The Clips can be from any halo game so enter everything you have!

We hope to see your inputs soon and am looking forward to viewing some amazing clips!

Many Thanks,
VzS Clan

Just to let people know, we may begin to introduce prizes to the winners and runners up if this takes off so please submit your clips :slight_smile:

Many Thanks,