Halo Show Halo Infinite.. what happened?

First, I’ve really tried 343… I’ve tried to watch the TV show and it has very fundamental issues to what Halo stands for. The knowledge related to the ring, John and his helmet, the weird outlaws…

Second, the game took away from the core of what Halo has been for many years… FPS where a person can work with their friends and compete in distinct game modes… not a messy mixture because it was “easier” to allow cross-play. I’m fairly disappointed about this game going from a loyal fan group to a bad version of what Fortnite created… Stop… please just fix the game to be what it was… don’t make it semi-COD semi-Fortnite, Semi-attempted Halo… This use to be a flagship of Microsoft in gaming. Now it likely is the largest disappointment of the current decade.


The show (which operates in the "Silver Timeline-- don’t ask why) is supposed to be a reimagination of how the original story could’ve gone, and there really isn’t an excuse for Halo Infinite, I agree.


I’m enjoying the show. Have watched all six episodes, it’s decent enough watch and you can tell it’s high budget.

Hope it does well with mainstream audiences so we get another season and more video game adaptions. I’m sure they’d work better as high budget series than films. So many bad video game films.


I just don’t like the show at all. I hated how the first two episodes went, skipped the third and fourth, decided to check out the fifth episode and while I thought the action was actually rather decent, the various plots and narrative decisions (Kwan and Madrigal, the Spartans, Halsey and the UNSC) are just so damn painful for me to watch as a fan because of just how boring and outright dumbed down they are while what should be the main antagonists of the shown - the Covenant - are so badly neglected that I’m very curious if a viewer who was new to the franchise would be able to say just what the Covenant is and why they want to destroy humanity.

Infinite, while lacking in content and coming up short in certain aspects, does have a core gameplay that I think is great. While I’ve given up on anything good on the show, I’d like to hope that Infinite can build itself into the game that it should be.


There’s a back and forth at one point speculating what their goal is and they aren’t really sure.

Basically it comes down to we want to kill them and they want to kill us, so at the moment the UNSC are not aware of the great journey.


I’ve played Halo since it was called Marathon and I have no idea what the Covenant are or what they want. Nor do I know what the USNC is all about or what Master Chief’s personal story is. I play the game for the fun, not for the story. If watch the TV show I’m sure it will be just fine.

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Sure, but at the very least even all the way into first contact with the Covenant in the original canon, there was an inkling that the reason for the Covenant’s genocide was a religious motivation when they labeled humanity as heretics whose destruction were the will of their gods. The show doesn’t even provide that much, even when you have Makee there and some shots of the Covenant with the Hierarchs and High Charity. For the show - as far as I’m aware - it was that Covenant and humans are just killing each other without even the context of whether it was humanity or the Covenant who struck first (which, as we all know, the Covenant did).

And while I did enjoy the action in episode five, I noted a rather potential problem where, before this, there had only been Elites and Prophets shown when it came to the Covenant so newcomers may very well could’ve assumed at that point that the Covenant may have only been made up of Elites and Prophets (save for the scene with the Lekgolo worms). So suddenly having Grunts, Jackals, and Brutes suddenly appearing without any other kind of glimpse may be rather startling to new viewers which I feel are very narrative shortcomings.

That’s fine but I’m assuming that if you were to watch the show it would be for the story that, even those who do say they like it, have admitted to it being rather generic sci-fi narrations that seem influenced by other shows that have done them better, with the Expanse being one common example I hear it compared to.


My main most issue with the show. Is that the prophets are openly working with a human.
In the game’s they never offered humanity to join the covenant because we were forerunner. They declared holy war on us, because the truth of our relationship with the forerunner would have shattered their idea of the great journey and shown it as a lie. So they never gave us the chance, and decided to kill us all (humanity).

The fact they are openly parading around finger blade, and showing elites and hunters they are willing to work with humans, begs the question- and one the show has not answered.

Why are Humanity and the covenant at war in this alternate timeline?
It don’t make no sense atm. They have not explained the why of it.

There’s a conversation in the special edition halo 2 game manual between two elite honor guards asking this same thing. They met the grunts, they extended invitation. They met the hunters, they asked them to join. Same with the jackals, drones, brutes, skirmishers, engineers etc. Why have they not asked mankind to join them?

We knew why later, from the book contact harvest.
But we have no idea why this war is happening in the show.

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The show needs to be seen through different eyes. You can’t have a video game mentality when watching any TV show. Especially the Halo show because it is very, very different story telling from the games. The first Halo trilogy didn’t even show another Spartan… until Halo Reach I thought Master Chief was the only Spartan that survived. But come to find out, thousands of other Spartans still lived, some incredibly important throughout the lore but we didn’t see or even hear about another Spartan in the original trilogy. This was designed on purpose… to make the player feel like Master Chief, which is why he never took his helmet off, because it was suppose to be “you”.

That’s how video games are designed, to give one player the steering wheel. TV Shows are a different chemical… there is no driver… every player/viewer is in the back seat watching out the front windshield together, looking at ALL available information to form our own opinions on where our destination is going to be. Video games, books, movies, and TV are only loosely related but are completely different monsters which is why it is so difficult to get a universally accepted adaptation from anything, and when it is done correctly, the title usually explodes with fame.

Personally, I find that the story is better in the TV show right now then in Halo Infinite, I will say it is a huge deviation from the source material but I think the most shocking thing for me here is the story is more interesting than Infinite’s. At least the TV show has a credible excuse to start over and rebuild a new story, Infinite used the most piss poor excuse ever and they wrote it so poorly that the story in Infinite is basically a bunch of useless dialog and a collection of random audio logs scattered about the map and some of them can be missed entirely, so that tells you how ‘important’ these logs really were.


I’ve got very mixed emotions about the TV show… I like the action scenes, and I like how gritty it can be at times, such as making the Cortana system literally to control the spartan body.

Don’t really care for Kwan and pushing the “Be Human” agenda, or at least how painfully they’re shoving it down the viewers throat.

As a Halo fan, I… I don’t want to say “hate”… but I really wish they did their own story without having to rewrite what’s already there from what they’re basing the show on.

Thankfully despite its flaws, I can still say it’s worth checking out to friends who may not even like the Halo games, cuz guess what, you don’t need to know anything about the Halo video games to enjoy it.

Do wish there were more actions scenes though, episode 5 left me craving.

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This is perfectly said.

I also wish they followed the already established lore, which they do a little, but really only to make things feel or appear familiar to fans. But a part of me is kind of happy that they chose to write something new because now I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen… will it stay off the rails for even further? or will it bounce back on track with the original lore then hop off again to their new narrative to keep new viewers and even veteran players on their toes with what’s happening next…

I don’t know, but I can tell you this… by the time an episode is finished, I really get an urge to play Halo Infinite… and that has to mean something right?

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Thing is though is that you can’t really tell me to ignore and not compare the already established canon for this franchise when the show itself is flaunting the name of said franchise.

And when it deviates from the games so sharply, particularly when it comes to Chief, it is absolutely jarring: going from the stoic badass who knows and accepts his past as a conscripted child soldier because its all he knows and has saved humanity because of it to this John character who’s memory and emotion suppression has him as a emotionally-compromised rageman who’s screaming while caving in the face of an Elite and looking for an opportunity to do the same to Halsey.

While I can understand that there are people who can look past it and separate the two stories enough to even enjoy it, for myself - and I assume plenty of other fans - the only difference between this adaptation and previous video game adaptations that were hated because of how they deviated so much from the original canon of the source material and were considered as non-canon is that the people behind it said that it was a different timeline. I think its at least understandable how that minor difference can appear rather flimsy.

Edit: Just to add, I thought Forward Unto Dawn was a rather decent live action Halo adaptation and a lot of it I enjoyed was its respect and use of the source material.


I’m not telling you to ignore it. I’m telling you to lower your expectations for the show a bit and take in a new story. You don’t have to like the show, but there are plenty of different variations of all sorts of random entertainment out here. Some sharing the same titles, some taking on their own title once it’s been established. Besides, it’s not like the Halo show is made by a random studio trying to steal something from the Halo games, it’s 343 giving an alternate look at how things might have went in a different timeline(for example, like Marvel’s What If? or Visions series). Even the books are different versions of Halo, the Spartans and Elites, even Grunts do things in the books that the video games can’t replicate properly.

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Well I did go in with low expectations for the show, and at least in my personal opinion the show managed to go even below them :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than my dislike of how this alternate look had strayed so far from the original canon, I do believe that there are a lot of storytelling shortcomings and other narrative designs that were not well-executed, leading me to just not liking the show and pretty much skip it unless I get tempted to take a brief look to see if the action delivers in at least a little bit, which I admit that episode five did at the very least.

Other than that though, I just don’t like it.

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That’s fair enough. I don’t think the show is some masterpiece or anything lol but when put side by side to Infinite’s campaign, I think the show’s story is way more interesting. I have no idea what’s going to happen next in the show, whereas in Infinite, I know at some point a plot-armored Atriox is showing up with the big spooky Wizard of Oz monkeys called the Endless… and the UNSC is going to rise from the ashes like a phoenix to fight an impossible war in deep space… Maybe we’ll know more in several more seasons. Who knows for sure.

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My opinion’s the opposite here. While I do think Infinite definitely left a lot out in terms of context when it comes to a six month time period between the Infinity’s destruction and the Banished takeover of the Ring and suffered for it, I thought the resolution between Chief, Cortana, and the Weapon were done fine and I’m interested to see how the story will unfold on the Ring while, maybe, getting some insight on what’s going on with the Created and the continued UNSC resistance in our upcoming multiplayer narratives. I actually recently replayed the campaign again and still found it enjoyable.

As for the TV Show I hope it doesn’t get a second season until there’s some serious rethinking going on in terms of its direction but, hey, that’s just how media goes sometimes and people’s different opinions to them :stuck_out_tongue:

I ve only seen a few clips because I am in UK.

Not a fan of how he really doesn’t like Cortana. Full on “You’re a machine!” :eyes:

It’s a little over the top how he leaps into the air to try to Lion El Johnson Halseys Head. The actor has a very memeable face and I don’t think this was the intent.

The action does seem cool but I am not sure they have the budget.

If I wanted a 100% retelling of Halo CE’s story and for the lore to be regurgitated verbatim, I would just re-read the books and replay the Halo games. Which I have done anyway.
I like the show. I’m glad it isn’t 100% matching the core canon. I feel like it shouldn’t. We didn’t like Halo 5 for making us go do homework. If we want this show to be canon, then that is exactly what you will have to do. Go do homework.
My parents don’t have time to sit down and play the game, or read all the books. Star Wars used to be what we watched together, but now its a slog because Disney expects us to watch Clone Wars, Rebels, Bad Batch, the aftermath books, etc. Halo shouldn’t follow those footsteps.
If you want a Halo show, you need to include the Halo(we’ve built up to that), and include the Master Chief (You know, the face of the franchise.) If you make it canon then you’re either telling a side-story that has nothing to do with the Halo ring, or you’re just retelling the games. AGAIN.

The show is slightly above average most of the time. 6/10 at least. When it is good, it reaches 8/10. But man, when the show is bad, it drops straight down to a 2/10. Kwan and Makee being the main bad parts. And the budget is rough, definitely a development-hell project.

As for Halo Infinite. No excuse. Still won’t touch the campaign until network co-op is out.

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Halo’s TV show is a different timeline and I see it as, “How we would write Halo, if we knew 20 years ago, what we know now.”

Infinite’s fine.

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Personally would love a tv show with a better cast, some of the acting in this series doesnt do justice to halo imo. Also dont think some of them fit their character. Also dont like how chief takes off his helmet all the time just to focus on his blank stare. It feels so forced like they dont really want chief to wear his armour. Dont like the direction of the show either. They spend so much time with side characters like kwan and it feels like its pointless so far. I dont think she brings anything good to the series.

I do like the brutality and the violence of the combat tho. But i feel like they could have made more use of the amazing universe and focus more on the halo ring, covenant instead of focusing on side characters that kinda disrespects how good the games are. I mean it was supposed to be a halo series but it feels so disconnected to the games :frowning: Since i am a big halo fan i still enjoy watching the series even though it could have been so much better. Guess only time will tell if a better show will ever be made about halo. Sure hope so.