Halo should've had made more games/stories during the Covenant War

I feel like the plot is advancing too far forward and too quick of a time. Its barely over 5 years after the Covenant war before the Prometheans returned, Cortana’s imperial tyrant, Banished controlling the ring, and another new race, the Endless, coming into play. It really feels rushed when you look at it in an overview.

Take a page out of Star wars for example. They continued more stories during the Clone Wars and Galactic Empire Era with many different perspectives that their community enjoys. In Halo, the Covenant War lasted around 30 years, so we definitely can put a lot more stories between that timeframe.

Personally, I want to know how the war was like for Humanity the first couple of years. More games about the Spartan IIIs and their missions. Hell, if the company wanted to make more stuff up in between the 30 years, they can. It would be a lot more insightful and interesting than whatever the Endless is.

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