Halo Should Not Go For First Impression

Do you guys think that wasting 60 dollars pretty much most of the time is better than wasting 60 bucks once and enjoyign that 60 bucks. I see games, games that are amazing, what do i see int hat game for aboutn a week to a month, it doesnt seem as great.

What i saw in halo was that game that i played for 3 years straight for every title. Halo is that game with pretty much endless fun for many sides, Forge, Firefight, Multiplayer, Campaign, Custom Games. Halo is that game were amazing happens, where " I can play this all year", happens. I think that Halo 3 and Halo 2 showed an amazing example for how long people can play a video game without losing there face of OMG!!! The tug war between first impression and lasting impression should fight for not last so short. Halo serves as a base game for many. Base games is a term i use for a game pretty much defining xbox. AS in lets play xbox, then i go to halo reach (my base game), and if no ones on i go play a different game.

Base Game=Xbox 360 dashboard of all games.

So what do you want out of the next halo.

A long termed game you would play for 4 years but didnt seem as cool as yesterday, or that game you play that is the coolest game ever for a week ?

I don’t get what you mean. Halo used to be that ‘super cool game’ that everyone played for years, but now not so much. :frowning: