Halo shootout tournament

I think it would be fun if, for arena say the last weekend of every month, there was a shootout event. This will be a highly competitive, fast paced event. No parties, but party-up compulsory.
After each game, each player will be ranked in that game and the top 4 players in that match will be grouped together, and the bottom 4 players grouped together.
1# Blue 1: 17 kills
2# Red 1: 14 kills - 2 assists
3# Blue 2: 14 kills -1 assists
4# Blue 3: 12 kills - 2 assists - 7 deaths

5# Red 2: 12 kills - 2 assists - 10 deaths
6# Blue 4: 9 kills - 2 assists
7# red 3: 9 kills - 0 assists
8# red 4: 2 kills

Red gets promoted to the winning team and blue 4 gets relegated to the losing team. In the first instance, it comes down to kills. If kills tie, then assists break tie. If assists tie, then it comes down to deaths. If deaths tie, then player on winning team is picked. If both players are on winning team, coin toss, I guess. Each player will be given a position in the league table and their position will go up and down in real time. After the two day event, the top 10% could win 10 gold req packs, 20% 5 gold and 5 silver reqs, 30% 10 silver, 40% 5 silver and 5 bronze, 50% 5 bronze.

Each month, it could be a different playlist, ie. Jan breakout, Feb swat, Mar team slayer, April team objective. Each event, the league table will reset.

I think this would improve the matchmaking of teams to make put more fair and competitive.

sure seems interesting, but do we have to pay to play type rule?

seems cool but i would rather 343 spend time on

bring the original game modes back and improving the file share so we can play custom games more