Halo Ship Names

If you commanded any ship, from any faction. What would the classification and name be?

UNSC Halberd-class Destroyer “Memory of Solace”
CAS Assault Carrier “Inevitable Extinction”
Forerunner Dreadnought “Unfinished Viability”

NO Limit, add as many as you desire. Heck even share the lores behind them if you want!!

I already have 3 OC Ships, so I’ll just list them.

UNSC Spitfire - Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser
UNSC Dark Matter - Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser
UNSC Thick Was the Air - Autumn-class Heavy Cruiser

Yeah, I know there isn’t a lot of variety with the Ship classes, but I created these a few years ago when there wasn’t a lot of options for post-war UNSC ships, well at least that I liked the look of. I created in-depth lore behind the first 2, but that was lost on the old Waypoint forums. The third one I made somewhat recently.

If I can ever find the forum post where I created the in-depth profiles for the first 2 then I’ll edit it in, and add an extension for my 3rd ship, or if the Waypoint forums don’t like that then I’ll create a new post, or several all replying to this message (for context).

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The UNSC Sunrise and her sister ship, the UNSC Sunset, are Stalwart-class light frigates like UNSC In Amber Clad.

I actually built a basic model of the UNSC Sunrise in Halo 5: Guardians’ Forge Mode years ago, complete with opening hanger doors, working gun batteries (Hannibal Scorpion tanks), working ODST drop pods, and working elevator to transport cargo between decks.

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Same, when the Waypoint reset happened I lost some of the details to my ship lores. I use Google Documents tho to keep tabs on anything I create. If you don’t already, I highly recommend using that whether to organize/create files for your creations, or even as a back up file keeper so to speak !!

Otherwise, I’d love to read up on the lore you created for your ships. Fun fact about my Halberd destroyer, it was destroyed in my lore, but the name was adopted by the ship that destroyed it. Mainly due to the enemy’s view that they fought honorably and respected their fight style so much. They let the name live on.

I built a non-canon Post-war covy ship on H5, the CLS Light Frigate. Supposed to be a prioritized anti-fighter support ship. Nothing but plasma flak cannons and high speed pulse turrets. I also attempted to make a CAS on H5, but failed and have since yet to try and finish it lol. (Fun fact: I successfully completed a Halo Reach version, just has no or lacking interior)