Halo service record not syncing with Halo MCC WHAT

I have over 11 days played multiplayer in halo 3. My rank is not the highest cause i always played specific game modes that slowed rank progression but come on let me put my original Xbox 360 halo service record achievements and medals or awards on the MCC platform I should have the right to show off my loyalty to the game from years ago when I was in elementary school, middle school, and high school. I mean i really loved halo and i think its kinda ridiculous I cant sync my data with the PC MCC. I think I speak for all that have this issue that its pretty aggravating, but either way I love halo so I will still play regardless.

Check my profile if you think I’m being out of line look at my time played, achievements and gamer score collected. Yeah probably not as much as the top 5%, but still pretty good to want it to be displayed.