Halo servers down?

Anyone else having issues with the server atm?

I went down about 15 minutes ago.

yea but that ok got 4 hrs in lol

i cant get on fml

Sucks that they are down. But at least if they are going down, they did it while im at work.

Same here. Pretty heated about it since I need to be up all night/day anyway. Only way I’d be kept up is by playing this and these “default” playlists are NOT cutting it.

I’m a few matches away from SR-60. I wanted to hit it before the cap reset. Oh well. I have a few hrs still till I gotta go to bed lol

Mine went down an hour ago, hope it’s back up asap as I have the next two days off.

Down for me, funny thing is, back up servers are down as well.

They were up 10 mins ago but just died here… hope they’re fixed soon…

It showed my lvl being reduced to 1 in the lobby but when i hit start it sows my actual lvl and cant even connect to any matches, my friend can still play all the regular playlists though… Oh well. guess that means it’s time for bed lol

Same problem here, just played 4 matches but now unable to play.

It’s also showing I’m SR1 in the lobbies like Kitarr