halo server issue won't stop

Hi, I’ve been having a problem for almost a week now. When I play online I can see all my loadouts and armor, but when playing wargames or spartan ops they are gone and i am made to use the default loadouts/armor. I also appear as level 1 in all lobbies. commendations aren’t earned and give me an error message. I know some people have had this problem and was fixed quick but its been going on for me for a long time. ( Im in canada if that makes a difference)

I myself an stuck at SR70 and have not ranked up for a week. I don’t even get points anymore. Also Aborted missions etc. Ya , they sold the games h4 Cod2 Assass. and did not give a thought to how many gamers would be on at the same time. They could have prevented it but did nothing. Activision is in charge of the servers and they did not BEEF up the system. Instead we know have all these problems.

this is ridiculous and still going on over a week later! haven’t had new challenges show up all this time, they all say no new ones available. I cant earn commendations and it tell me im offline or something when im clearly not. the few games i have played I have reached level 31, but I just checked and my waypoint shows me still at 30. this is unacceptable! what is going on here? does anyone have any solutions


Press start go to the bottom page and click on network(picture of the xbox). Set the conmection to Xbox Live. This might solve your problem.