Halo series on PC?

Personally, I love the Halo series, I’ve been watching Rooster Teeths RvB series for years now and I own all Halo games exept original Combat Evolved.

I stop playing it for few months every now and then, but sometimes get excited to play it again.

The campaings got cheesy after tons of gameplay, so I got myself an account, bought Xbox Live, went online, and just got destroyed.

I’m no match to other players online, and campaing is good enough practice cause it doesn’t involve enemies who behave like human minds, which seems to be jumping around spamming grenades.
And I am NOT gona pay 20 euros(I’m European FYI) for a month to see myself being blown to dust by everyone else online, as there isn’t such things like ‘‘Matchmaking Playlist for beginners’’ or something with less good players to even try practice without being killed immediatly…

Bet you’re thinking ‘‘This guys nothing but a noob’’ and I’m not arguing with you on that, I just suck on consoles, though I’m fairly good on PC FPS like Team Fortress 2

and after about 800 hours of playing TF2, I’ve gotten good in aiming with a mouse that is the size of my palm of my hand, as I suck at aiming with a stick size that’s smaller than my thumb on a controller.

few may agree with me, and more will just think I’m a complete loser.

So as a result, I wish that Halo series were brought to PC.
It wouldn’t make as much money as the Xbox method of charging monthly for Xbox Live Gold Membership which is required if you want to play online.
So my idea for this was using Halo Waypoint to help with this, that you buy this membership to your Waypoint account, which grants you the possibility to play Multiplayer Matchmaking of the PC version of a Halo game.

This way they would make same amount of money, and gain more players who are like me.
Pleace spread my idea of this for a profitable idea for Microsoft / 343 Industries /Bungie /Whoever is in charge here to release Halo for PC with still the feature of costing multiplayer to make them money.

I am PC Gamer called Dragenda, and I do belive I’ve made my point.
Thankyou for your time.

There is something called experience (no not the kind that helps you level up, the other kind) in which if you fail keep trying again.

In short you will suck if you just keep giving up but if you keep trying your best you will improve.

By paying those 20 euros a month and playing you would become a better player over time. And you cant compare TF2 to halo 3, reach and 4. Im a good halo player, but each time i jump between games, be it rpgs, fps, I am not that good the first 10 games. I need to get used to the controller. The same goes for when I go from pc to console. I dont know what kind of pc you got OP, but I guess you would need a pretty good one to get the max halo 4 experience. However I agree with you that the halo series should be released on pc too.

Needs to be on PC, and they shouldn’t make rushed ports, they should make them optimized for any PC like Halo 1/Custom Edition.

Unfortunately pc ports of Halo would probably lose money.

They should begin retiring Halos on the Xbox and then immediately have them ported to PC afterwards. For example, Halo 2 is no longer playable online via Xbox Live but it continues to exist as a PC game. The same goes for Halo: CE, even though we have CEA there is no multiplayer.

If there is going to be a completely new console coming out relatively soon and there is to be a Halo 5 coming out a handful of years after that, then Halo 3 should soon be retired on console but should then continue as a PC game. They could release Halo 3 and Halo: 3 ODST together as one pack with multiplayer and Firefight available online.

halo wars pc would be epic

MS sees Halo as a Xbox selling asset, they are not going to put it on PC unless they see a reason for it. Sort like Halo 2 for the PC which was made for the sole reason to get people to purchase vista.