Halo series - future of the franchise

Hi there! This post is just about how I truly feel about Halo 5 Guardians, 343i and where the franchise is going in general. I have been a Halo fan sine the first game. This is not a hate post and it’s not to annoy anyone. I just feel like I really need to voice my opinions.
Gameplay wise Halo 5 is a really good! I enjoyed all of the new mechanics, the new weapons, vehicles and abilities. I am not so sure about the sight down of weapons, feels like they have just stolen the idea from COD. But that’s just a minor complaint. I like the jet packs on the Spartans, it adds new strategies to the game. Like using them to hover to ambush enemies and to avoid incoming fire.
Halo games have always shone in the Multiplayer area and I loved the Multiplayer side of Halo 5! Especially Warzone. Love the idea of fighting AI enemies as well as the opposing team. They have especially done a fantastic job with Forge and new multiplayer modes to keep the fans happy.
One idea I would like to see Is a big map where the two teams have to attack and destroy an active Scarab. Both teams fighting each other to get on the scarab and destroy it’s power core all the while trying to avoid getting squashed by said Scarab. Doubt it will ever happen, but hey I can dream right?
The campaign was a big let down for me. I know the same can be said for so many people and again these are only my views. The way the adverts and ‘Hunt the Truth’ were portraying everything, it looked like we were going to be thrown into a Universe of action and drama against a new powerful threat, with the 2 main characters locked in a rivalry that could change the course of the galaxy!! (Sigh) But as we know it didn’t go that way.
One of the most fundamental things of any good game is to give it a good story, which I felt that the game lacked. For starters, nearly everything connected to Halo 4 was concluded in the first mission or in the Halo Escalation. There were so many plots that they could have focused on and expanded in Halo 5, especially after all the hype in Spartan Ops. The big rivalry between Chief and Locke never happened aside from a short fist fight. It felt like what happened to Cortana just happened and it’s hard to understand how she could so easily have changed.
The Warden Eternal was a really annoying character! And having to fight him multiple times (with the only difference being the number of him) was frustrating especially when your doing it yourself with your ‘dumb’ AI squad. I felt that reusing him as a boss in different missions was a lazy act on the designers part. What I also felt was a lazy act was some of the missions were not really missions. You just moved from one point to another and talk to a couple of people. And you get an Achievement for that!? Wasn’t very fulfilling for me.
15 missions and you only play the Chief 3 times in the whole campaign, the main character of the series gets turned into a side character. And I do recall that 343 said that the game would be split evenly between the two characters. To me it just felt like they were trying to shove Agent Locke down our throats and accept him as the one replacing chief. I really didn’t feel anything for Locke or his team (except Buck. Who doesn’t like Buck!?). In Halo 2 they introduced the Arbiter in a way that, even though he was the enemy at the time, you could feel sympathy for him as he is punished for letting Halo be destroyed. But with Locke, unless you read the books or watch the films, then your playing this guy you really don’t know anything about. If they had more of an introduction to his character and the rest of Osiris, I would have felt something.
I am really not so fond of an AI team in the Campaign. Especially when they don’t really help that much. Many times my team would be equipped with Rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles… and they are using their pistols!? And when you need revived they will ALL run to you and let themselves be killed as well when they try to revive you, rather than one revives and the other act as a distraction. It feels like 343 are trying to go down a path similar to Gears of War. I like the idea of playing a solo soldier fighting against numerous enemies and coming out on top! Really good feeling. But now it feels like that the campaign can’t be enjoyed unless you have a full squad of players on your side.
My opinion of them is mixed at the moment. On one hand I know they are trying to uphold the legacy that Bungie left, and I appreciate that they are trying new ideas, but on the other they are not doing a very good job on the Campaign and story telling side of things. In the previous trilogy the story was simple enough that if you didn’t have to read the books to understand what was happening, only if you were interested in the Lore. But now it feels like you NEED to read the books and to know what is going on. Like some of the plots that happened in Halo 4 weren’t even mentioned in Halo 5. They concluded in the books and comics.
All the advertising and HtT series really had me hyped up for Halo 5. I was really looking forward to the campaign of this game and seeing the truth revealed at the end of it all. I thought that 343 had learned from the faults of Halo 4 and were going to improve them, instead it felt like they took two steps back. It’s clear that all the profit of Halo 5 is coming from the multiplayer part and I sometimes wonder why they bother with a Single player mode and just follow Bungie with something like Destiny.
So to sum up: Gameplay and Multiplayer wise Halo 5 Guardians is a fantastic game and I applaud 343i for the great job they did there. But as you can tell, the Campaign just didn’t live up to all the hype that was going around. I felt like they could have done a much better job with the development and layout of the missions and maybe have they Chief play a bigger part than he did and introduce Locke in a way that you can actually feel something for him.
Despite all my complaining. I will continue to be a Halo fan until the very end. It is still one of my favourite Sci-fi universe of all times. I want to know what will happens in the end. I will trust in 343i that they will continue to excel with the Multiplayer side and learn from H4 & H6 so they can make an incredible Campaign for Halo 6. I also hope that if they do intend to end the Master Chiefs story, then at least make sure it is an ending worthy of what he is… A true Hero!

Well I feel better after that! Interested in your views. Thanks for reading and good fortunes to you all!

I am not so sure about the sight down of weapons, feels like they have just stolen the idea from COD.

When you say that don’t you mean any other Gane with guns in it ever(except Valve games)?

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> I am not so sure about the sight down of weapons, feels like they have just stolen the idea from COD.
> When you say that don’t you mean any other Gane with guns in it ever(except Valve games)?

Well yeah. I was just using COD as an example.