Halo Series did me a big sad

spoiler alert

I feel bad for using this forum page to mainly complain but I’m gonna do it again… who’s idea was it to make Chief dislike Cortana and try to punch Halsey… like… that’s our hero. That’s the savior of the galaxy. The never failing leader…. I also don’t like that 343i constantly has him getting his -Yoink!- kicked in their games too lol y’all trippin!

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Don’t forget Halo Silver TV show is a totally different history non cannon with his own rules and own character. Silver Master Chief is a totally different character from Real Master Chief

Don’t worry, the real Master Chief would never hurt Halsey or Cortana. He was aware of his abduction and was totally ok with the Spartan program (never in his training he thought to leave with Soren). As for Cortana, he was a little reluctant at first but quickly learn to like her. She filled a void after Reach, when he thought he was the last Spartan alive

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