Halo Seasons

So, now that I’ve reached tier 100 in Halo Reach, when does this season end? When Halo CE gets released? And also, what could possible be in store for future seasons for different Halos? Armor customization in CE would be interesting to say the least.

I imagine that future seasons will include unlockable armor pieces and skins from the other halo games. Like individual armor pieces like the halo 3 recon helmet, or the gold storm rifle skin from halo 4.

We aren’t sure yet, but my guess would be that each Halo will be chronologically released to PC every 2-3 months. So that’s when we’re expected to get the new seasons.

New armour is a possibility in each of the Halo games and like SamTheWebbo said, potentially weapon skins as well, as seen in Halo’s 4 and 5.