Halo screwed me over!

I am having difficulties with halo reach because recently i was put back to the standard black default armour when in fact i am a general grade 2. when i go to the armoury i can see my original character who is black and gold spartan with matching odst shoulders, Mark 6 helmet and HP para chest armour. Because this has happened before and fixed itself i assumed that it would go back to normal. But on waypoint i put in the codes for the terminals in anniversary which i have found and said that i got my credits for it. my normal credit balance was 196333 and with the terminals in should have boosted to 267002. when i went in halo reach to check i still had only 196333 credits and was still all default armour. I also tried to play matchmaking but it said the each server was down, when in fact my friends were playing matchmaking perfectly normally the very same time. when i attempted to join them, they said it said the reach server was down, but when i left it went back to normal. This has become and increasingly disturbing matter for me because i have been a halo follower for many years and want 343 to do something about it. I do not want to restart my account and would try everything before i ever do. Does anyone have any idea as to what may be going on?

How long has it been like this for?


If its just you then its likely a problem on your end, like a bad connection.

> If its just you then its likely a problem on your end, like a bad connection.

Yeah it’s the connection that makes it happens to me here and there.

Well if it doesn’t fix in a few hours/days post again. Otherwise this is just a temporary error and I am pretty sure it will go away.

Just spoke with some people from bungie on reach custom game, they said that if my accomodations are still normal i will be alright. they even look at my service record and said that i would be fine. only problem is whether i will get those credits for the terminals that i did not recieve, only time will tell.

just tried to play offline, my characte was back to normal but as soon as i connect to xbox live it returns to recruit and now wont let me do custom games with other people.
am seriously doubting the quality of bungie and 343 products. might just give up on all the halos all togethor and go to gears or cod.

Yeah dude your not alone. Infact, this seems to be a growing issue! they better fix it or I’m not gonna even buy Halo 4

do you guys have the white xbox my friend was having similar issues till he got the the new black (slim i think its called) one i hope for your sake thats not it cus there pricey but it could be

Are you in Canada or New Zealand? (If the former, is your ISP Telus? If the latter, is your ISP Slingshot?)

Are you using an IPv6 IP address? If you do not know how to check on your own, then call your ISP and ask.

EDIT: The problem could be that your IP range is blocked by the Matchmaking servers. If that is the case, it seems that the problem is already being worked on.