Halo: Sanghelios

Okay, this might seem like a weird idea, but bear with me. I would honestly love to play as an elite again in Halo. NOT in Halo 5, but in a separate standalone game titled, Halo: Sangelios. Now, the idea of the game would be something along the lines of what happened to the Arbiter after the ending of Halo 3. It’d be featuring the Arbiter as the main character and would show off the battles the Arbiter had to win against the covenant to get them down to just one battle left on Sangelios during Halo 5. The last mission or something could even be a neat little tribute to Halo 5 with the Battle of Sunaion, or something, having Locke and the other spartans take out the AA guns for your elite troops to come in and help fight. I don’t know, just an Idea, but I’d for sure definitely buy it, and I’m sure many others would, too.

I mean, imagine several large scale levels of you playing as the arbiter during legitimate battles in a war. I think that’d be dope.

That would be awesome

It should be a adaptation of multiple extended universe content surrounding the Arbiter, like Shadow of Intent and Escalation. Maybe Cole Protocol if 343 is feeling it.

Would be pretty sweet… With a new Halo game coming out every year, but the main line series coming out every 3 years, it sounds like there’d be room for it.
2016- Halo Wars 2
2017- Arbiter spin-off
2018- Halo 6

I think the Halo universe is long over due for an ENTIRE covenant based game… a Halo game based on Sanghelios where the campaign is you playing as the Arbitor in the covenant civil war would be pure epicness… not to mention the missions in H5 on Sanghelios were awesome.