Halo: S-721's Diaries ( Story )

Born, in new alexandria on Reach there is a spartan other then the chief still alive. He goes by the name Seven. He was a spartan of glory, but only on his own half; he was a lone wolf.

Seven was a commander of a squad, his squad were known as Team Black. They were the lone spartans that were put together just for survival. They don’t need to communicate to know what to do.

It was the day of Reach, were the Pillar Of Autumn was leaving. It was a beatiful site, until one of our own kind were getting struck down. By covenant Forces. The Noble 6, one of the most famous groups of spartans. But there was a problem we only seen two spartans; Noble 6 and Noble 4. We were on the urge to help, we set foot into our pelican and our pilot he flew us up to the covenant ship closing in on the Noble squad of what we’ve seen.

We hopped out of our pelican, Team Black and we rushed onto the ship brutally shooting any covenant we have seen. We used no communication as silent is our teams way, Team black is our name Why? Well we are the out-cast spartans who never talked to anyone we preffered Lone-Wolf Objectives all we did was meet up then went our own way, just as Noble 6 used to do. When he was the Commander of team black.

As on the ship we took out carrier by carrier, destroying anything related to covenant except for the technologies we needed to take our-selves. We headed up towards the top, not realising what we are getting into. There was many elites, generals, field marshals waiting to get into battle; but never approached as they saw us. E-212 Jack, the spartan who I favoured the most in our group took out his shotgun, he destroyed them with a shoot then a knife. Even some-times he’d pull out his dual knives. Which I thought was to be amazing.

Later on, as we reached the very top of the ship nothing was wrong with us, we were over-achieved with no pain. But we were late; the ship was heading in charging its lasers and we are almost able to stop, except there were 4 generals, no problem but there tech was much more stronger then the normal alien technology.

So we regrouped and hid, before they saw us. My Squad and I.

> S-721: Seven
> E-212: Jack
> V-531: Ray
> E-741: Jordyn
> N-310: Matt.

We used our first words, together we knew each-other fairy well. But it was our first strategy. We put on our invisiblity AA’s and ran up behind all assassinating one, Except Ray he stood behind for cover. The ship it started to rumble, it wasn’t a good thing. The Laser was almost charged.

I got to the laser settings in time right as I de-activated it a General Brute came from a room and through me out the glass, I felt my life flash before my eyes as I fell slow-motion to the ground, The ship exploded but when I looked over I saw Noble 4, there dead, and Noble 6 in the Mac Cannon using it on the ship we have took over. I closed my eyes, to keep from the pain of my squad were they dead?

Seven landed on the Pillar Of Autumn, un-consious, but as they circled earth; he fell even slower then before. Into the frozen wasteland were he froze. With his armour in Safe-Mode, he was frozen but not dead.

As this was happening, the ship Noble 6 has destroyed was coming down destroying everything in site, Noble 6 armour locked to safety. He looked up as he was in a new area. But just the same- but destroyed. Noble 6 was the only one left,
he saw many dead Spartans. He was shocked, marines also.

He examined each spartan and heres what he saw.

> E-212
> V-531
> E-741
> N-310

Each member, of Seven’s Squad dead by the feet of Noble 6, he felt drowsy and tipsy he knew he wasn’t going to last so he put up his last fight. Then it happened, as he pitched out black; his last thoughts…

“were is the S? E V E N, doesn’t make sense this is team black, my old squad there should’ve been an S at the begining. How could he have survived?”

Noble 6, then… Fell over.

~The end For now~

Thanks guys, if you read this. Seven is my own character I made up Non-Canon to the halo series. Adleast I don’t think it should be CANON. Anyways, thanks guys i’l make another one when I can think of something.


> Amazing

Ahaha, Thanks It wouldn’t let me do paragraphs i wrote it with them but i guess it doesn’t post like that.

You inspired me to write my own

That was a really nice story, I enjoyed it. :smiley: