Halo runs so bad (PC)

Halo just runs so bad on my pc. I get like a constant 40 fps maybe 50 but it stutters all the time. The UI on the home screen takes maybe a minute to load too. Ive tried messing around with graphics settings - turned all my graphics to low, turned resolution down, vsync off, async off, but nothing changes. My specs are listed below:

i7 3770k 4.10ghz overclocked
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 8gb
16gb DDR3 RAM

Funny thing is is that i recently upgraded from 1050ti to a 3050 and it seemingly ran better before. Is it a hardware issue or am I just being stupid? Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I know you feel…
Soo many lag in gameplay…

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Have you set your minimum FPS to 60?

Also not trying to be that guy, but speaking from experience 3rd Gen and prior Intel CPU’s are really starting to show their age with the lack of hyperthreading with newer titles within the last couple of years, especially paired with a newer GPU like a 30 series.

It might not be a bad idea to look into upgrading to 4th Gen (which features hyperthreading and better PCIE bandwidth), my 4790k was pushing 100fps on medium low settings at 1080p. The slightly newer hardware would also play nicer with the 3050ti. The cost is pretty affordable now too.

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I recommend trying these settings from @ItzTheDay. Works great.


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Here’s the settings I use to get 240+ FPS out of Halo Infinite without losing visual quality…

Nvidia Settings
There’s only a few settings you need to change for Nvidia
Use the advanced 3D image settings
Manage the 3D settings
-OpenGL rendering GPU: Set to your GPU
-Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
-Preferred refresh rate: Highest available
-Texturing filtering quality: High performance
The above settings reset back to default whenever you update the driver

Halo Infinite settings
FOV: 102 ( personal preference but higher FOV does tax FPS )
Borderless Fullscreen: Check
Resolution Scale: Set to lowest ( this is the most taxing setting, for me it’s set to 53% 2714x763 from a native 5120x1440 resolution )
Min Frame Rate: Off
Max Frame Rate: Unlocked
VSync: Off (Use G-Sync if you’re able to)
Anti-Aliasing: High
Texture Filtering: Ultra
Ambient Occlusion: Medium
Texture Quality: Ultra
Geometry Quality: High
Reflections: Low
Depth of Field: Medium
Shadow Quality: Low
Lighting Quality: Low
Volumetric Fog Quality: Low
Cloud Quality: Low
Dynamic Wind: Off
Ground Cover Quality: Medium
Effects Quality: Low
Decal Quality: Medium
Animation Quality: Auto
Terrain Quality: Medium
Simulation Quality: Ultra
Flocking Quality: Off
Async Compute: Off ( you can try toggling this on and off, but usually for Nvidia you’ll get less FPS with this on )
Blur: 0%
Screen Shake: 0%
Exposure: 0%
Speed Lines: Uncheck
Sharpening: 60%

With these settings, I’m getting 240+ fps. Most of the time in the 270fps range but also depending on the map.

My PC specs…
Ryzen 7 5800X (PBO2 enabled) w/Corsair H100i 240mm Elite Capellix
Asus ROG 3080 OC Strix 10GB
MSI B550-A Pro
2x16GB Corsair Pro SL 3600MHz C18 1.35V RAM (Optimized for Ryzen)
WD SN850 2TB (game drive)
Corsair MP400 1TB (OS, files and launchers)
Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 - 240Hz 5120x1440p 32:9

Your results may vary but with these settings, I get max FPS with very minimal hit to graphics.

If you try these settings, report back your experience and what your PC specs are, your native resolution is and what the scaled resolution turned out to be.

All you have to do is set the min fps to something above 60 like 70, the game will do dynamic resolution but tbh Its barely noticeable.

Your CPU is extremely outdated. I’m running a 6600k at 4.1 myself and anything released after 2018 runs like garbage. Not enough cores/multithreading performance is just not there compared to modern hardware.
edit: full specs
6600k 4.1ghz
3060 12gb
32gb ddr4 2400mhz
campaign runs at around 45fps, 4v4 multiplayer is always locked at 75, haven’t played any btb