Halo RP group?

Is there any active Halo RP discord groups around? because most i have seen dont seem very active especially when their initial posts are over a year or 2 old.

I was wondering cause me and a friend spent time working on a halo RP discord group that tries to be lore friendly and a more casual over some of the others like the one halo follower did a video for. tried getting in that one and couldnt since there were so many.

It is pretty much about an outer colony militia on a planet called Jaeter and their new struggles after the human covenant war. i don’t want to reveal too much here, don’t know why but i feel the affect might be better if people see the discord i dunno lol.

Here is the link if any of you are interested.

Can’t say much about Discord, but I know that there’s a Discord for the Halo RP community on Tumblr, if that helps any.
Honestly Halo RP itself is rather quiet right now for some reason…

its been months yes, still open though.