Halo rings: still important?

I’ve encountered the argument “the series is called Halo, but we’ve hardly seen a ring since Halo 2”. While this is flawed for a number of reasons (there are more than just the rings that are massively important, and a series can’t sustain itself on one concept), it does contain a grain of validity. I’m resurrecting an oldish video that points to the possibility that a ring will appear in Halo 4 or the Reclaimer Trilogy.


As the video points out, it could as easily be a misinterpreted image or an easter egg as it could be a hint.
But we can have fun, can’t we?

What do you think? Will Halo rings appear in the Reclaimer trilogy? Have they become passé, or is their still ample room in the plot for them? And is 343 hinting at it?

Well, only time will tell. We can’t know for sure whether the Halo rings will still be important. But, the name Halo is more than just the Halo rings itself. Just because the games may not have a big emphasis on the rings doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be called, ‘Halo.’