Halo ring, UTC, gaming world, Master Chef - mashup

What is the similarity between a Halo ring - the ring, instead of the franchise of that name - and the UTC timezone, as well as what do both of the these have in common with the gamers all around the globe? Look how Halo ring reminds roughly a sector of the surface of Earth, turned top to the bottom. Intuitively, we want that sector to be of most optimum form, therefore we would have the equator area. Equator is UTC timezone. UTC is a neutral timezone used oftentimes by gamers internationally to agree upon upcoming terms of online matches.

Therefore, the Halo rings this way could be interpreted as utopia lands of gaming time. Until the UTC becomes the timezone of our colony on Mars. The question is, then, is colonizing of Mars a game? Hazard, maybe. Since nobody from among the gamers likes to have any authority above oneself, thus the king of this utopia - since all serious utopias are monarchies - should be moved to a position of divine cook, as well as a godly deliverer of grand cultural goods for that utopia. Since in utopias people eat ideas and defecate moral codes, it is interrelated. This leading position would be called the Master Chef. Master Chef knows what do ladies like, as the folk wisdom has. Link HERE.