Halo-related Youtube Channel - Tengu

My Channel :slight_smile:

Hey guys. As most of you forum heroes may already know if you pay close attention to this forum, I am a ‘HaloTuber’, basically a YouTuber who focuses mainly on Halo. It’s been going quite well however recently I’ve hit what’s called a ‘dead zone’, where I have stopped growing in subs and views exponentially. I still enjoy making videos and such, and I do like my current fanbase, however I’m looking to reach out to more people and get out of this dead zone, because it can be upsetting sometimes. Because of this, I want to interact with you guys on the forums more often via my videos. I meet a lot of good guys on here, and I want to cater to such an audience. So please, if you could go check out my channel. Take a look at my set of videos and tell me what you think. My older videos have the best stats, however my newer videos are pretty cool soon, and I have lots of content coming out soon also. If you enjoy my videos, please give them a like and subscribe, because I do enjoy making these videos for a good community. Also give me feedback on what I do well and what I should improve on! Helps to know what I’m doing right. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Let me know what you thought :slight_smile: