'Halo Reborn' - cool upcoming mod

See this yet?


On the off chance any of the modders doing this are around here I’ll post the comment I made on their YouTube video. If not, I’ll figure out how to join their discord later.

"Hey team! Looking beautiful! I’m very excited for this! I’ve been a hardcore Halo fan since 2001 and this really brings a smile to my face.

Is feedback needed or even wanted? I would love to swan in and help direct lol. Here’s a few comments I want to make:

  • Judging from this video, you guys seem to ‘get it’ and have a good grasp on what Halo is. Seriously, looks gorgeous and I like that you’re mindful of lore/tone and aren’t getting too crazy. Ugh that waterfall is lovely btw.

  • Weapons look great particularly the Plasma Pistol; but I think the body/shell part should be shiny pale blue ala CE.

  • Turret should sound heavier.

  • The HUD is incomplete and the layout is bad. It’s only a placeholder, right?

  • The transition to the panning shot at the end as you’ll be aware is janky. Rather than think eek time for cutscene rush into it, slow down, which would fit the mood better anyway. Should be; Player weapon & arms relax and lower, then(not at the same time but instead immediately after) brief but gentle fade in and out of white to adjust to the set camera for the shot.

  • Please do not use the Keyes Anniversary model. Make a new one for him that looks like a higher fidelity CE model.

  • In HaloFollower’s video he mentioned player 2, 3 & 4 will be ODSTs/Marines. I suggest Player2 be a stoic ODST, Player3 be Sgt Stacker with a custom model that has a higher fidelity scarred Marcus Lehto face(as seen in CE) and Player4 be the sen-effin-sational Chips Dubbo with a custom model(maybe put a big sheathed combat knife on his belt as a little jokey nod to Crocodile Dundee).

  • Lots of blood and gore, please. There should be horror elements woven in, particularly when the Flood are involved.

Anyway…hold me. Seriously, all the best, I am sending my love and hugs to you all. Thanks for brightening my day!"

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Looks really cool. I was checking out yestersay.

Not sure id go so far as to say they have a good grasp of halo just because we havent seen much just yet.

But they should all be super proud.

HUD is awful for sure hope they move away from the H2 inspired look they have for h3+ style…

But ya neat mod.

Good grasp as of now based on the video. Hopefully they don’t falter.