Halo: Reach's Wackness Stole an Invincibility From Me

Why is it that RIGHT when I get an invincibility we go into a blue screen where NO ONE quits, but kills get randomly erased? Why on earth would my spree be 30 but my kills be 29? Halo Reach stats ARENT stats, they are estimates because false blue screens and people quitting reset sprees and randomly take away kills. Im pissed that I can expect halo reach to become an aweful experience nearly every day, yet there are no other games like halo. Sucks, gotta deal with it, but if I have my sprees stolen by 343 ALL the time, the least I can do is rant.


I guess its not “invincibility” its INVINCIBLE

Once again, why do people blame 343 for this?

Halo: Reach using a Peer to Peer network, not Dedicated Servers.

It’s not 343’s fault that someone leaves the game at the ‘exact’ moment you get an Invincible.

NO ONE left. People rant because 343 has the POWA to fix bullchit.

> NO ONE left. People rant because 343 has the POWA to fix bullchit.

343 can’t fix peoples connection for them, if no one left the host changed.

The host change coding was done by Bungie, not 343, 343 can’t change that without another Title Update, and this far into Reach’s life with Halo 4 just down the road, it won’t happen.

In a nutshell, host change = host had bad connection, game changed it.

curses and shakes fist at the sky

also, i cant wait for halo 4. Watching Grandmas Boy and seeing them play a Halo where there are SMGs makes me miss dual wielding and good ol’ halo 2 days where the glitches were so wack you could sword lunge to the top of the pizza cutter in burial mounds.

First off, that isn’t 343’s fault, it is the fault of the connection host. Deal with it.

Second, nobody really cares about stats on Reach, so why should you?

If you go black screen alot, it’s probably your own crappy connection. I rarely go black screen unless someone quits.