Halo Reach's DLC limitations (Revised)

The Halo community doesn’t know what Bungie can make as DLC

And that is where I attracted the right attention.

Its baffling to me how many people seem to have not fully read the OP in that thread, read about 6 or 7 post below it flaming the OP about not knowing the engine, and then posting “Eh, how do you know the code, cause if you don’t then its not true!”.

Are you the OP author? Personally, I totally see whats being said. I am a programmer myself so I understand (loosely used term there) the limitations of certain types of code. The majority of stuff in the “impossible” list is correct but I do believe that with a heavy patch the source code can be manipulated. Disc may be read only, but the data on the disc is loaded into the memory unit in the Xbox where it gets processed by the internal processors and arithmetic logical unit. At this point, while the coding is loaded in memory, it can be manipulated. So if a heavily altered code patch was downloaded and instructed to load into memory along side the pre-existing code from the disc, then things can change.

Although, to me, that doesn’t sound like a good idea in the long run. Could even slow down the initial performance of the console due to constant alteration. Like the OP said, the disc is Read-Only. So the new code cannot be saved onto it. Therefore it needs to be reloaded EVERY TIME the game is. And if it were significantly altered, the time complexity would not be worth the effort.

Obviously for DLC maps and stuff like that, code manipulation is not overly consuming. Since most of the maps are just files that are only loaded when called upon. But for the most part, major alterations that are required to be the ALL of the time, no, its just not worth it.

Holy Smokes. A user at bungie.net actually has a brain for thought other than Halo vs. “X” or “My DMR is better than your BR”.

It is sad. I’m not a programmer and even I know there are limitations with DLC. Personally, I’m just glad we get extra stuff to play around with when the new DLC lands. I can’t wait to jump in on the action.

Holy Smokes, I thought I would only attract noobs here, like I did on the topic before.

On the Bungie.net topic, I have actually attracted modders attention, not just generic modders, but modders who are so advanced in knowing and understanding Bungie’s game engine and their map format.

I have one person who is advanced, that he contributed to extraction of content to make Vanity, he posted. :smiley: