Halo Reach

I think Halo Reach would have been my fav Halo if not for the armour abilities. Impeccable art design, armour variety, awesome hit detection, and Spartans were still awesome unlike H4/5. Was a beautiful game. And with MCC’ s issues still unfixed, I’ll switch back to 360 and play 3 and Reach if this big patch doesn’t fix it.

I like the implementation of armor abilities, even armor lock, so to speak, people overuse it and it makes the team so frail because they’re so vulnerable with it.

How are the Spartans anymore awesome than Halo 4 & 5? I know a lot of people complained about the Halo 4 Spartans not being hulking & obese like in Reach, so they bulked them up quite a bit for Halo 5.

I didn’t like them in Reach because Spartans don’t spend half of every match curled up hiding in a glowing little safety ball of armor lock instead of actually playing. I refuse to use it, but it can be funny. Once in Sword Base, I sneaked up to the room at the top of the yellow lift and started firing my AR inside and all four players on the other team were camping there and all just immediately curled up into four little glowing balls. It was funny. Cowards.

Other than armor lock, Reach is awesome. It’s probably the only reason I’ve hung onto my 360 (and for Red Dead, I suppose).