HALO Reach

Hello! I just logged on my waypoint account since 2013 and I noticed that when I try to view my Halo reach progress and service records, it only brings up a page to buy it and play. I have been playing since 2012 and it doesn’t show anything.

Me too, if I select anything older than Halo 4, I have no service records. This actually pi$$ed me off. My favorite game is Reach. If any of my records were to disappear, I’d prefer it be anything, but Reach. It makes me wonder if I still have all of my gear unlocks and what not. I’ve been waiting for backward compatibility, so I can’t sign into Reach to check anything. I might having a working 360 downstairs to try it on. I’ll check tonight. Hopefully, I still have my cloud save.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hey guys, if you’ve changed your gamertag at any point since playing then your stats will still be synced to your old gamertag. If you still have a copy of the game and can connect to Xbox Live, play a match or some campaign and it will sync up shortly after that. The backwards compatibility route should also work for this, so you’ll be able to re-sync your Reach stats when it drops (next month I think)

Thanks stckrboy