Halo Reach Xbox One

Does anyone know when we will be able to play the old halos mainly for me halo reach on xbox?

Sometime this month I imagine they might even push it back to Christmas but to knows what date exactly in December , For all I know they know they might wait till after the 15th. NOA and I say they I mean Halo big brother or whoever releases Xbox 360 content on Xbox one.

Hoping Dec. 12rh, but no one knows.

The sooner the better! The more Halo I can get my hands on the better!

Well it’s the 12th now. I’m hoping good news at some point in the day as I’m currently at work.
Really, I’m gonna fire up Firefight and not let go! Who’s with me?

most said today but i’m not seeing it so i’m hoping 15 or 16

Let’s hope it’s today is it did drop it would be around 12

fingers crossed

Sometime next week. https://twitter.com/XboxP3/status/673944907099201536

hoping it will be on the 15th