Halo Reach Xbox 360 Beta Weapons & Glitches Videos

I have some compilation videos for the Halo Reach Xbox 360 Beta.
Weapons & Vehicles: Halo Reach Xbox 360 Beta Weapon & Vehicle Compilation - YouTube
Glitches: Halo Reach Xbox 360 Beta Glitch Compilation - YouTube
Back when the Halo Reach Beta was around you could save films. You can still access the Beta on your 360 if you didn’t delete it. You can only navigate the menus and look at films. I can still access all of these films on my 360. Back when the Beta was around I managed to save all these films to my Xbox, not knowing I would be able to keep the Beta on it. They have been on there the whole time, and I recently recorded them and edited them. Although I guess it’s good timing seeing as how its the tenth anniversary of the Reach Beta.
The first few clips in the glitch compilation video are mine. The rest of them in both videos I got from the file browser. Here’s a clip showing all the film clips & associated gamertags: reach beta film clips - YouTube.
I also have some full length clips that I uploaded a while ago.
Rumble Perfection on Sword Base: Halo Reach Xbox 360 Beta - Perfection gameplay - YouTube
Vehicle Manslaughter with a Ghost on Boneyard: Halo Reach Xbox 360 Beta - Vehicular Manslaughter gameplay - YouTube
Glitchy Invasion on Boneyard: Halo Reach Xbox 360 Beta - Glitchy Invasion - YouTube
Backwards Invasion on Boneyard: Halo Reach Xbox 360 Beta - Backwards Invasion - YouTube
The weapons featured in the weapon compilation are: focus rifle, grenade launcher, gravity hammer, shotgun, grenades, spartan laser, plasma launcher, rocket launcher, scorpion, elite assassination, spartan assassinations, overcharged plasma shot, and plasma cannon.
The glitches featured in the glitch compilation are: flying oddball; disappearing Wraith; sprinting Elite; armor locking Elite; randomly spawning dead bodies; an out of map player & camera on Boneyard.
Thank you for watching.

Ahhh the beta days. I remember having to beg my dad to get my a flash drive so I can download it.

I honestly can’t be bothered to watch a ton of Youtube videos, but I’m pretty sure there’s one out there in my file share from the Beta when the Plasma Launcher spawned on Sword Base. I was on the high catwalk and locked on to two different guys who were in the atrium, and the launched stickies went through walls to kill them, resulting in a double kill. Maybe I’ll have to see if I can find that clip someday.